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A Female Link is a Stupid Idea

Posted by Overtired - August 6th, 2015

It’s been said that Nintendo have a female Link in an upcoming Zelda game. However that’s a stupid idea.

If we want the playable character in a Zelda game to be female, it should be Zelda. 

A female Link would be boring. There are scant few things that can be done with a female Link that couldn’t be done with a male Link. So for all the needless controversy we’d end up with little more then a different character model.

Now the idea of a Zelda game where Zelda is the playable character? That sounds awesome. That gives you story and gameplay possibilities that you can’t have with a playable Link; regardless of gender. I’m not even going to waste your time spelling them out for you, you can think of them faster then I can type them.

It’s Zelda’s legend after all, I say it’s about time she got the spotlight. 

Comments (3)

I think the female link thing is a why not kind of thing
and controversy wise it gets attention and female buyers
the reason Zelda is never the protagonist is because Link is the one destined to always be the hero
to be honest I'd a spinoff game for Sheik
tales of what he/she did while hiding from Ganon and waiting for Link in OOT

The reason not to do it is because it is boring and pointless.

Your OoT playable Zelda idea is way better then a "standard" Zelda game where Link just happens to be female.

To be fair, they already did this with Hyrule Warriors.

And wasn't that better then if they had gone with a female Link instead? The answer is yes.

Making a female Link is one of those things that probably wont affect gameplay or story. Just to say they did it and make a few female fams happy. It was already confirmed to not happen but way brought back up after so much attention. Complain enough and maybe someone will cancel the idea of a female Link. People will call you sexist and bash the idea, but maybe it'll work